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imeachd – departure


I left Sabhal Mor Ostaig on Friday 11 May and I am back home in Blairgowrie. The luxury of being able to begin working in the studio at nine in the morning until I run out of steam is finished for now. Art has returned to its usual process of being squeezed in between everything else that needs to be done. The final week in the studio was busy, I didn’t have time to go and take the photographs I had wanted to, that will have to wait for another time. On the Wednesday I had an open studio followed by an artists talk – although I get nervy about these events I know they are essential. The questions that come up can be stimulating and open up new areas for thinking. On the Thursday I went to the Creative Writing groups’ last meeting before the summer – each of us read a piece of new work we had written – this was even more scary. I had not been able to go to all of the meetings although I had written two pieces for the ‘homework’ set by Peter Mackay (Writer in Residence). As in the singing workshop with Christine Primrose I was right out of my comfort zone, writing is a part of what I do but I have never thought of it as something that could exist separately. Actually I still don’t, for me the images and the rhythms come first and then the words follow. To write on purpose was extremely difficult and the only way I could do it was to think of the writing as a strict exercise in the same way as I think of academic life-drawing.

I loved being in Skye, I met lots of lovely people who were all very welcoming and happy to put up with my garbled speech patterns – you know who you are. . . in no particular order then. . .Janni, Ruth, Mira, Iseabail, Kath, Steve (especially for the searching questions in the talk)Christine, Nicola, Greg, Catriona, Carole, Andrea, Michelle, Lorna, Donnchadh, Pete, Donnella, Sharon, Leah, Meg, Peter, Val, Joyce, Rachel, Neil and Bruce – if I’ve left anyone out I apologise profusely, tha mi duilich!!!

Kennispecki is suspended while I put work on my website  which has been designed by my brother Neil I will add new posts if I get fired up by something . . . not necessarily art related!

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  1. A real pleasure to know you Aileen, brief but enlightening! All good wishes for the future, I look forward to hearing more from you x Michelle

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